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I'm commander world 'globe, web admin etc.

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Reply sidlow
7:26 PM on January 30, 2011 
Ahhhhhh ok
Reply sidlow
6:38 PM on January 30, 2011 
Sir i think it would be a good idea to make a forum post asking people to reply if there active on urbandead and the forum
Reply sidlow
5:39 PM on March 31, 2010 
Im Back Hi
Reply Stan the Plumber
7:27 PM on August 16, 2009 
Globey sir!
REqestin'... that we order lunch for once?
Reply Codebreak
11:45 PM on August 10, 2009 
i think the front page needs an update... ;)
Reply Codebreak
12:26 AM on July 22, 2009 
some of our members are requesing an alliance with the other survivor groups here in Shackleville... and since you are the leader of our group i hope you could do that.... because... honestly... i don't know what to do in that field.... XD
Reply world 'globe
8:45 PM on June 21, 2009 
I can.. but its so minor and It wasnt my doing in the first place...
Reply Codebreak
7:40 PM on June 21, 2009 
umm.. globe you can change the fotter in the "site settings" tab (in webs) so that it reads copyright 2009 or something better... :P
Reply Stealth Man
11:57 PM on June 18, 2009 
Sir I was wondering if i could use some stuff from this webs page
Reply world 'globe
2:32 PM on May 18, 2009 
That wasnt my doing. It is the copy write date for webs, the host we are using. Unfortunately the template we are using at present adds an extra 0
Reply yo dragon zombie
1:17 PM on May 18, 2009 
It says 20007 at the bottom of each page, unless you're implying that we are 18002 years in the future...
Reply world 'globe
10:57 AM on May 17, 2009 
good job stealth
Reply Stealth Man
11:50 PM on May 16, 2009 
I have inlisted a man, i know him personally, his name is mark hadley he is now to ud he iss maarching to shackville he is a fireman.
Reply yo dragon zombie
6:15 PM on April 19, 2009 
I'm level 6 now, 75 exp left. In a small amount of time I'll have the required skills to graduate from training.
Reply world 'globe
8:17 PM on April 14, 2009 
... everyone who reads ur name. unless you are calling yourself a bad donkey (which I highly dought) it is inappropriate language. I want this sight clean.
Reply Stan the Plumber
7:32 PM on April 14, 2009 
Who am I offending?
Reply world 'globe
10:00 AM on April 14, 2009 
I know. Its insecure. Sorry, but if we want password protect. We gotta pay for it. I could talk to my brother about it.... but he's in Atlanta right now, so Not for a while yet.
Reply Drewster
3:38 AM on April 14, 2009 
call me paranoid, but shouldn't we have to sign in to read the forums? i mean, we leave links to this site all over UD, and yet i'm still able to read our squad threads and mission status before i login as me. which means anyone can view it. zombies an all.

just a thought.
Reply world 'globe
7:43 PM on March 30, 2009 
heya, waytouy's right. I never ordered him to go outside shackleville. Thing is though he's been inactive for days on our site... How did you find this site? Please dont reveal this site to anyone else, and please dont use any of the info here to ur advantage.

We're the same in the sense that we both seem to believe spying in a load of ****.... We know eatchother from school and we get back from break tomorrow. Waytouy, kindly prep your shottie and prepare to take tian down town.
Reply Major Waytouy
5:45 PM on March 30, 2009 
I'm afraid that he is not on our orders. We have a few... problems with him and his obedience, and have honestly no idea why he'd do something like that. possible banning ahead.

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