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Here is a nice an handy tutorial for connecting to our IRC channel since many of us seem to have difficulty and it's awkward hanging out in an IRC channel with one other person (Archaeon) all the time.

 IRC Clients


As you probably know, there are a variety of potential IRC clients you can use to connect the  IRC INTERWEBZ. Unfortunately, most of these are retarded dumbo ones like mIRC or Mibbet who always want you to pay them for one thing or another. By far the best IRC client is HydraIRC which you can, and had better download here. It is essentially Windows vs Mac when comparing these clients - mIRC & co. the hillbillies get killed and murdered by smart open source HydraIRC.

HydraIRC is flexible and easy, yet advanced and fully capable. Besides that, this tutorial is for Hydra, so to bad for you.

Go here if the hyperlink is not working: http://www.hydrairc.com/index.php?page=downloads

Step 1 - Initial Set-Up

First off, you want to get Hydra installed an downloaded. I'll assume you're not idiots, so get that done. You can find the page in the paragraphs above.

Once you are running Hydra for the first time, you should get a  pop-up box asking for a 'User Identity'. Fill the box with the corresponding details and click 'OK'. (Sorry stalkers, that's not my real name!)

Please note that if your Nick has spaces in it, it will only display as the part of your name before the spaces. This is because the IRC 'nickserv' which handles such things isn't designed to take multiple word nicknames. I would suggest using an underscore if you are desperately attached to having two words in your display/nick name.

Step Two - Connecting to a Server and Channel

This step going to be nice and full of pretty pictures! Yay!

After dealing with the User Identity,  you now have to connect to a server and channel. If a pop up showing random servers has not automatically appeared, look under the 'file' menu and select 'new server'. That should pop up a nice confusing dialog box with names you barely recognize! Yay again! 

 The confusing box of death should look as it does on the right. Essentially it is a list of servers available for use. When I was doing this I had no clue what I was doing, so I just scrolled down to a name I recognized 'Mozilla'. I recommend you do the same.









When you have scrolled down to 'Mozilla' and selected it, you now need to click the 'add server' button and enter the website URL, port, etc. that we're using. This info can be found in Archaeon's thread, here. Entering the info should be easy, as it is just a matter of copying and pasting. Once the dialogue box is filled out, click 'OK', 'OK' again, and you should be connected to our server. There, that wasn't so hard was it?





But oh noes! Wait! You're not connected to the channel yet! It is essential you do this step, or you'll be hanging out with... yourself. To rectify this, simply enter in the chat '/join #talon_company' without the quotes. You'll be on your way to our IRC in no time. Unless you have crappy internet. Or a crappy computer for that matter. Oh well!

      Just one last image, showing you what to type. Oh dear, I hope you're not stupid enough to need the image!

Step 3 - Registering your Nick and Logging in.

This part's important. This allows us to administrate our channel, and make sure nobody impersonates you. Sorry! No pretty pictures this time!

To register your nickname, first make sure that you're using the one you want to register. Then type '/msg nickserv register [your password] [your email]' without the brackets or quotes. A confirmation email may be sent - I don't know. I can't remember now.

 Now that you've registered your nick, you have to log on whenever you connect, time/ping out, etc. To do this, simply type '/msg nickserv identify [password here]' again, without the brackets or quotes. Upon typing this, you will teleport the nether and fight evil ghasts! Just kidding! You'll just log in and have powers and such applied to you if you're important enough to have any.


That brings us to the end of this tutorial! Go bother Archaeon if anything fails and doesn't work!


Thats all for now,


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